The Irish Times, Aidan Dunne, 29th of July 2009, Boyle Art Exhibition:
‘If you are a fan of painting, there is a lot of good stuff in Boyle… Many artists show outstanding pieces – David Crone, Marc Reilly, Jack Donovan and Pat Mac Allister included’.

Sunday Times Review, 7th of January, 2001, Catherine Daly.
Review Solo Exhibition, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin:

In this show, the culmination of a four-year collaboration, artist Pat Mac Allister and poet Mark Granier respond to the Biblical tale of the Tower of Babel. Mac Allister’s interpretations are far from literal, however. Of the twelve oil paintings on show, only ‘Shadow’ and ‘Lintel’ feature a strong tower-like form. The other works explore the idea of the surface of the tower through richly applied paint that is often scraped away to reveal thick layers of rich but subdued colour. ‘Traffic’, one of the earliest works in the series, recalls the linguistic elements of the tale through the presence of calligraphic elements, while ‘Flat Earth’, an abstract landscape, seems to offer a bird’s eye view from the Tower. The painstaking attention to texture and the layering of muted but atmospheric colours, dominated by blue-grey, gives these paintings the quality of contemporary frescoes with an intriguing history.

Exhibition ‘9 Paintings’. A selection by Charles Tyrrell  at the West Cork Arts Centre, July 1998.
(Including: Patrick Collins, Michael Cullen, Gerard Dillon, Ciaran Lennon, Pat Mac Allister, Nano Reid, Patrick Scott, Michael Sheehan and Charles Tyrrell).

Text written by Charles Tyrrell:
‘The youngest painter here, Pat Mac Allister, is for me a natural. As an Art student in Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology in the late 1970’s, when I taught there, Pat’s understanding, love, and total absorption in modern painting, impressed and inspired me and most importantly, like the others here, he really knows and trusts the stuff of paint’.

The Sunday Tribune, 6th of Febuary, 1994, Aidan Dunne.
Review of my first solo show, Pantheon Gallery, Dublin.

‘Pat Mac Allister’s first one person exhibition at the Pantheon Gallery is a memorable one. His paintings are representational but made with great feeling for texture and a strong sense of abstract design. They have gritty involving surfaces. The work in this show covers a span of some three years or so, so there is quite a degree of variation. The most recent are brightly coloured blocky grid-like images inspired by his experiences on building sites. For most of the time, the sheer verve with which they are made wins out over the painter’s inclination to pre-define them.

In fact this holds true of earlier work as well. His instincts are sound, and he should go with them – not to say that he doesn’t, and what gives his best work its edge is that he is not afraid to take chances, to make paintings that break rules. He paints from his own immediate experience and surroundings: self portraits, views of the city, a mountainous landscape, an eerie nighttime procession. It’s more than a promising debut: he delivers’.